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Ashley Chappell
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Ashley Chappell

Monitor Engineer / AV Operations

Ash went straight from school with GCSE in drama tech into the Gordon Craig Theatre at Stevenage as a casual stage technician.

After doing some ‘depping’ in TBTD in 2012 he became full time stage/sound tech at the Gordon Craig. He joined our company full time in 2017, his position being monitor engineer and Audio Visual operator. He delivers the sound the performers are listening and with each one wanting something different it's quite the feat.

He’s super efficient and quick thinking when sometimes something goes wrong on stage. Again, a good temperament is vital dealing with the individual sound requirements of the whole cast and Shlee has earned the respect of everyone.

Shlee is a more than competent musician playing guitar & keyboards and you’ll see him slip on to the drum kit in the show every now and then