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Caroline Knight
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Caroline Knight

Merchandise / Tour Logistics

In a previous life, Caroline worked as a photographic consultant. She was a TBTD fan and used to help out on the merchandise stall when she could before joining the team full-time. She quickly 'developed' into our key front of house representative of the show. Her retail and customer service skills are put to good use as the first point of contact and merchandising manager. She’s now on first name terms with many of our fans and they love her warm, welcoming smile. She's a real people person and is famous throughout theatre-land as the friendly face of TBTD. Spud oils the show’s wheels and is the fountain of all TBTD knowledge. She is organised and super efficient and we don’t know what we’d do without her. 

Check out ‘' for more information on our official TBTD merchandise.

In her down time, she can be found stalking Peter André and Diversity!