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Gary Anderson
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Gary Anderson


Gary started preparing for his career at school by impersonating his teachers much to the delight of his schoolmates and annoyance of the staff. After leaving school he learned his trade in the many working mens clubs up and down the UK. His hobbies then included boxing, football and horse riding. His career took off and he took advice from such masters of their craft as Ken Dodd, Tommy Cooper and Bob Monkhouse. 

Gary met Trevor at a holiday centre in Cornwall where Trevor told him of his plans to create TBTD. Gary was persuaded and joined the company on a month’s trial. He was found guilty and has been ever present since! The show is tailor made for his humour and impressions. He and Trevor have built their ‘double act' over the years and is an essential part of the show’s success.


He still relaxes with his horses on his land in Somerset and is married to Tracy, his very own “Pretty Woman”.