Pembrokeshire Photography
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Pembrokeshire Photography

The photos that you all love to see in our programmes, calendars, merchandise and in the press are expertly done by Ian Richards. As a former Royal Navy photographer, Ian has captured images from all over the world including front line conflict, the jungles of Belize, 

The Arctic Circle and has been official photographer to many including HM the Queen and the Royal family, musicians, TV personalities and of course 'That’ll Be The Day' cast and crew! 

Ian’s work is used in worldwide media by the press, TV and news organisations and we are delighted that he includes TBTD in his work. Ian and his wife Beverley started Pembrokeshire Photography (so called because it is where they are based) in 2007 followed in 2014 by Skycam Wales that provides aerial filming and photography for all the major TV channels.

They share a love of Rock’n’Roll and Ian, an accomplished bassist, keyboard player and singer says that working with TBTD is always a pleasure and too enjoyable to be called work!

Ian and Bev travel all over the country to shoot and capture the show and you may have met Bev in the foyer with Caroline. What began as a business relationship has developed (pun intended!) into a close friendship and we are delighted that they are firmly part of the TBTD family.