Peter John Jackson

Vocals / Instrumentalist

Peter has an extraordinary range of talent both vocally and instrumental. His versatility is a perfect fit for That’ll Be The Day.

Equally at home performing as Johnny Cash, Frankie Valli, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney and even Michael Jackson, Peter is able to adapt to any vocal challenge be it as lead voice or harmony.

He is a self confessed Beatles admirer and played Paul McCartney in the West End production ‘Let it Be’. Dedicated to authenticity, right-handed Pete swapped his bass over to play left-handed as Paul does himself. That’s the mark of a true professional! 

Pete is adept on guitar and keyboards and so provides the whole package, which can be employed to great effect in That’ll Be The Day. The show is able to experiment with Peter portraying artistes not previously featured. 

Off stage, his interests include fishing, golf and writing/recording his own songs. It’s great to have him on board.