Ollie Gray

Guitar / Drums / Vocals

Ollie was destined to be part of ‘That’ll Be The Day’ from day one!

His mum, Kate, was a founding member and his dad, Dave, is a professional guitarist. Ollie was on the road, touring with his mum, until his school days began.  Always interested in music, he went on to university to study drums whilst learning guitar and he had the chance to sit in on drums with TBTD occasionally whenever Mark sang out front. Ollie first joined TBTD as a monitor engineer then, when the bass guitar position became available, he joined the band. After three years, he became lead guitarist and he was ‘to the manor born’. You may notice the array of different guitars he uses in the show. Each one is selected to create the original sound and look of whichever player is being featured. Ollie has his own home studio where he mixes the show albums and produces his own music and music for other artists.

He’s married to Jodie (yes, of former TBTD renown) and they have two small people, Jackson and Everley.